Where Do Lullabies Come From?

BGOBGAI! Quickie:

Ever wonder where the term “lullaby” came from?  Try going back to Lilith, the biblical Adam’s first wife, who was rejected by Adam because she wanted to be the one who wore the fig leaf in the family.  Well, Adam said ‘hit the bricks’ or ‘hit the dirt’ or just ‘get out of here.’  This upset Lilith mightily to the point that she decided to go forth and kill all babies she could find.

lilithThe legend grew and people naturally didn’t want their babies killed and probably eaten by ‘ol Lillith so they would say in Hebrew “Lilith-Abi” meaning “Lilith begone!”.  This was eventually warped into the word Lullaby that we use today.

There ya have it. I’ll just disappear now before I hear “Alan-Abi!”

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(Source:  http://www.sitnsleep.com/resources/article/a-brief-history-of-lullabies)


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