Gold from Star Corpses!

BGOBGAI! Quickie:

gold1Have you ever wondered why gold is so expensive? I mean, gold isn’t the strongest of stuff. You can mold gold into anything from blocks around which you can construct Fort Knox-like structures to a Golden Monkey, from the very short-lived but one of the best TV series of all times, Tales of the Gold Monkey! Try making a building of the stuff and it’ll be as structurally flimsy as an argument for beating puppies.

gold2So why is it so rare and expensive? Well, it’s expensive because it’s rare. But why is it rare? Because gold is the result of two neutron stars that come together in a violent way, not unlike Chris Brown and Rhianna. That’s right, it’s a result of exploding freakin’ stars. You, kind lady and man, are wearing Star Corpses! Kinda makes you look at that gold ring around your finger a little differently, no?

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