The Future of Laziness!

BGOBGAI! Quickie:

car              Alright, I admit it, I’m lazy…see? I didn’t even say “I am lazy,” I had to use a contraction to prove it. Well, Google now tells me that it’s okay to be lazy, and I applaud them for saying so. There is a new age of laziness dawning with the invention and perfection of the driver-less car. No longer will I have to actually pay attention to where I’m going. I won’t have to read traffic signs or pay attention to traffic lights. I will be able to focus my attentions to the important things in life such as reading a favorite book, watching some funny videos on a wireless device, or even scratching myself in places heretofore impossible to do while driving (I’m talking about my back, you silly geese).

So who’s with me?



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