Old School Technology

BGOBGAI! Quickie:

TypewriterDoes anyone remember using mechanical dinosaurs called Typewriters?  If you’re old like me, and remember personally wishing Ferdinand Magellan a nice little trip, you’re likely to have learned how to type on an old typewriter.  If you lived in one of those highfalutin rich neighborhoods, you probably had a typewriter that had an automatic erase option. Lucky pucks!

In some schools today, students are being handed out laptop computers so that they can get the most of their education, while I still remember the height of technology resulting in a scientific calculator in which I could put in the greatest adolescent boy number in history…55378008.  why was this the greatest number to adolescent boys? Because if you took your calculator (which, kiddos, was a device and not an app), and typed that number in, then turned the calculator upside down, you would see the word “BOOBLESS” in the display…oh what naughty boys we were!

What old school technology do you remember?

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