Can’t Get a Signal!

BGOBGAI! Quickie:

space1Are you like me and get annoyed when you can’t get a signal on your wireless device (Hello, these Smurfs aren’t going to plant their smurfberries themselves!)?  Maybe take a quick second, because without cell service time is something you’ve got plenty of, and consider the number of space objects that are floating around our little rock.  At last count, there were around 2,000 satellites in orbit.  To bring that into perspective, if you took one thousand people and lined them up, then it would be DOUBLE that for the number of satellites.  Or, if you took four thousand Emus and had them all lay down, about fifty percent of that number would represent the number of scientific thingies going around our planet. That’s nearly HALF of the total number of Emus!

So try to be patient waiting for those bars to let you contact the Candy Crush site.  There’s a lot of competition for space…er…space up there!



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