No Game? Blame Phones

BGOBGAI! Quickie:


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Want to know why the WNBA will not attract the mainstream audience? No, not because its women playing and not men (that’s blatantly sexist).  It’s because the players in the WNBA haven’t mastered the spin-duck-wave move that previous generations of women had mastered.

What’s the spin-duck-wave move? Try to remember back to a time when phones had cords…and these cords were attached to phone jacks that were mounted on the wall.  In this case, it’s the kitchen wall.  Whenever there were children around, mothers had to wave that cord over the kids’ heads, spin around having got caught turning around while on the phone and then ducking below the cord in order to retrieve something dropped.

Somewhere along the line, you gals lost the ability to super duck, mighty spin, and wave that had been built up for generations…I naturally blame cell phones and their persistent lack of cords.

And don’t worry, ladies. We men have lost more skills than we ever thought we had, including the ability to form coherent sentences when there is an attractive woman around or the skill we’ve never had of lowering toilet seats, so you all are so much better off than we ever were!


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