Great…new Alien Video Game. Yay.



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Well, by the time you read this, the new Alien Isolation video game will have been released.  Just like with Madden, I know I’m going to get it. It seems an inevitability, like death, taxes, and the ultimate disappointment in Washington DC sports teams (Yeah, I’m looking at you Nationals).  But I don’t mind telling you that I’m concerned.

The history of Alien video games is long and riddled with the corpses of very ugly games. the most recent game, Alien: Colonial Marines, is famous for the awful coding and dancing aliens.  If one needs to bring about vomit, simply playing a session with this horrid piece of gaming ipecac will more than serve the purpose.

But this game, Alien Isolation, is supposed to be different. It’s not supposed to be a cheap send up to shoot ’em up Alien games.  It’s supposed to bring about dread and horror (not unlike a yearly job review) and make one hold one’s breath while hiding in a locker (not unlike my memories of my high school days).

So, Alien Isolation, I’ll give you a try this weekend.  But please, please, don’t listen to your big brothers and sisters.  They’ve all failed, miserably.

So what do you all think?  Is this game worth the hype? Put in a comment with your thoughts.


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