My Eyes!!!

Leave it up to me to go 10 years without buying an updated pair of eyeglasses. Part of it is due to my characteristic frugality (spelled cheapness), I decided to wait until I held the sad, broken remains of my eyeglasses in my hand.
Now being effectively blind without my spectacles (how old does that sound?), I have the vision of a T-Rex, based entirely on movement (sounds great until I found out T-Rex actually had pretty good vision), and desperately needed to get a replacement pair.
Rather than bothering anyone, I decided that I. Could easily drive myself to the store without any problems. It’s amazing going through the experience where road signs look like blurry green drawings of leprechauns waving in my general directions.
What surprised me was just how much a pair of glasses cost nowadays. Sure, you can go with the cheap frames and think you did a good job of cost maintenance, but then you sit down and got over the bill only to find you’ve eclipsed the four hundred dollar mark without batting an eye (sorry, bad pun).

So, how about you? Have you ever not bought something in a while and got a bad case of sticker shock? What was it?



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