Teenage Prodigy

BGOBGAI! Quickie:


Photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Let’s face it, we are all proud of our kids:  it comes with the territory of being a parent. But I have to admit something to you all…my child is a teen prodigy.  No, I’m not talking about her able to do amazing things with mind power or that she is “thissss” close to curing cancer, no I’m saying that she’s a prodigy…at being a teenager.

Granted, she’s only 10, but she’s this fact only proves that she’s the prodigy I know she is.  She’s got down the rolling of the eyes (though truth be told, I think she got that from her mother).  She’s mastered the art of selective hearing (that she got from me as I’ve found its a vital tool in day to day life).

And the whole dismissive and condescending tone? She knows so much about such an insulting vocal weapon that she’s written a book on the subject (actually its an audiobook).  Yes, indeed, I have a teenage prodigy.  Naturally, her mother and I are thrilled…where’s my Tylenol?

Anyone else have a similarly gifted child?


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