Gold Cup of Booze!

BGOBGAI! Quickie:

Gold Cup

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One of my wife’s favorite past-times is people watching, and she was given a big ‘ol helping of opportunity last weekend at the Virginia Gold Cup, a series of horse races that happen to coincide with large amounts of alcohol consumption.  It’s one of our favorite events of the year and there were plenty of people (talking about outside of our little group, who were actually pretty dry…guess we’re all getting older) who were demonstrating that near-alcohol poisoning is not all bad.  I wasn’t personally imbibing, but did look the part.

Oh that sneaky, sneaky Alan. I asked my wife to make a whole batch of ice tea and put it into an empty bourbon bottle. So I was there all day drinking nothing but iced tea.  Of course, I would have gotten away with it except for those meddling kids…wait…wrong story. Sorry, Scooby. I found out it fools absolutely no one when you actually tell everyone in your party that you’re doing it, but being smart has never been in my list of character traits.

I do find it somewhat odd that there were uniformed policemen assisting people out onto the road after the event.  I mean, these people were obviously DOA (that’s drunk off their…figure out the rest) and here are police waving their cars out onto the street.

Still, I highly recommend it should you have the opportunity.  Especially with great friends like the ones my wife and I have!


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