Is it over yet?

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Well, it’s over.

The relentless onslaught of political propaganda from both parties is over.  I can’t begin to express the genuine and heartfelt feelings of annoyance and rising desire for the Star Wars Force Choke when I see anyone approach me with a leaflet advertising the supposed “character” of their chosen candidate.

And that brings up the whole idea of handing out material.  The amount of waste is staggering. The whole process is tantamount to walking up to someone and handing them a piece of trash and saying, “Here, YOU throw this away.”  And I’ve been on the other side, too.  I used to be the one walking up to strangers at Metro Stations and interrupting their attempts to go home after a long day of work (thankfully I no longer do such things…darn restraining orders).

Look, we live in an age where the populous as a whole have a large and increasing amount of disdain towards their elected “leaders.”  It’s a reality, and if I cared enough to actually argue with someone about it, I’d do so.  So please don’t label me as a Republican or Democrat, for those mean virtually nothing to me.

Now, that being said, let us all concentrate on more important things…what’s the line on the Raven’s game this weekend?



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