I Love Selfies

BGOBGAI! Quickie:


Photo courtesy of pixgood.com

I have to admit it…I love selfies.  Granted, it was only recently that I found out what they were, and it makes more sense then what I thought it was. I thought a selfie was an act one does when alone and lonely, but clearly I was wrong and why I was mortified when I heard a stranger ask for a selfie with a group of nuns.

No, I love the idea of stopping in the middle of a crowd, turning in such a way that would make chiropractor’s drool and rub their hands together, pointing a rectangular device at one’s self in such an angle as to attempt to take a square picture, and  snapping a picture.  Based on some of them I’ve seen, I am firmly convinced that humor is not a lost art in our world culture and for that I’m grateful!

So tell me…what’s the craziest selfie you’ve taken?

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