Hope to be back soon

   Hello? This on? Been a while since I spoke into this keyboard through tapping of keys.  I’m sure most of you have grown into a ripe old age and have succumbed to watching the Weather Channel or CNN/Fox News (depending on your political party indoctrination). God knows I’ve aged considerably since I made a somewhat rapid disappearance from this medium.

  For those still alive and interested, I am still very much alive, unless the paperwork to the contrary is lost somewhere in the celestial bureaucracy. Sadly, and I do mean sadly, my marriage to She Who Must Be Obeyed is ending. I will not go into why, as my soon to be ex does not have this medium as I do, and it wouldn’t be fair. But, my dear readers, I can only tell you that this is not a result of my cheating or being mean or anything of that kind.  That is all I will say as there has to be a measure of trust between author and reader.

So what am I to do now? Well, after 12 years of marriage, well, I have to learn how to live again. So far it hasn’t been easy. Imagine trying to learn to walk again without the knowledge of gravity and gravity lacking the concern as to even make an effort to assist you. Well, for me, it is kind of like that. Couple that with having been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, well, this has not been a banner year for your ‘ol pal Alan.

So as I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself, I decided to change the scope of this blog. Oh I will still call it Be Good or Be Good At It, but it will basically be a description of my rebuilding. Through this medium, I’m going to tell you all the highs and lows of being 41, and facing an uncertain future. But I will tell you the good and bad, for failing is something I find funnier than succeeding. Heck, in that case, this is going to be one heck of a funny journey. 

Join me…will you?


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