So this is what it’s come to.

Well, here I sit, looking like some sort of deranged pin up for the male review of the Geeks of the year calendar. Personally, I hope for being Mr. November as I am more of a winter than a spring or summer sort of a guy. Forget about Fall, as I’m afraid of heights.

  Nevertheless, here I sit, a newly somewhat single gamer waiting for his Xbox to load the update. PS4 is doing fine, but wanted to try some Xbox stuff for a while.

  Good to know that throughout the rebuilding of my life, I will always have my video games as I anticipate my daughter coming over for her visits…

Damn it’s hard to be in this position after being married for 12 years, but I take solace, dear readers, that my situation pales in comparison to your having to see this…

Sexy, no? Geek Calendar here I come!


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